Avenues (2016)

Directed by: Micheal Angarano

Client: Bow and Arrow Entertainment

"With a title that sounds a like a rehab facility, Michael Angarano’s Avenues is a spirited, micro-budget indie that recalls the New York City-based work of early Woody Allen with notes of John Cassavetes, Whit Stillman, and the Safdie brothers thrown in for good measure. These are excellent influences to aspire to, although the film’s narrative clutter and occasional missteps allow the scrappiness to show. Filmed quickly in a few days on the go, Avenues tells the story of Max (Angarano) as he mourns his bother Jack (who is never seen on screen) while passing time with his best friend Peter (Nicholas Braun), a sex therapist who has arrived in New York City for winter break. Peter is also about to break-up with his long-distance girlfriend who he’s en route to visit in Montreal." —The Film Stage

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